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Ways to invest in real estate without owning property

Investing in real estate can be lucrative and an ideal venture for you. However, owning property can be a bit of a hassle. You may not fancy the challenges and responsibilities that are part of your role as a landlord. You may want to avoid handling tenants, which may require hiring out additional services at some expense to you.

You may even have trouble selling the property later on, which could then become a financial liability. Owning some types of properties may also require great finances, which you may not currently afford. This may also mean difficulty in turning over the property later. But you do not need to own property to invest in real estate. Here are some options you could consider.

Exchange traded funds (ETF) are collections of bonds or stocks within a single fund. You could choose to invest in these types of funds offered by real estate investment groups, which may engage in the purchase of properties such as homes, office buildings and other properties. You could also invest in ETFs that target domestic stock of real estate companies.

A large number of companies manage and own real estate. Some of these companies are publicly listed, even without offering mutual funds such as the ETF. You could invest in the stock options available from these companies. This way, you will invest in real estate without being the primary owner.

The housing market is continuously growing, with regular increase in demand without an adequate supply. Because of the perpetual rise in demand for housing, the construction industry is always booming. You could consider investing in construction. It could prove to be a smart move, since real estate development will always require these services.

You could go into an investment agreement with your banker by investing in real estate notes. These are reduced investment rates for debt. Over time, as the value of real estate changes, your investment notes increase or lose value depending on the corresponding changes. You can sell your investment notes when you feel will be most profitable for you, or on a set redemption date.

The internet has diversified all aspects of real estate, including marketing and investment. You can make real estate investment online through websites that pool multiple sources of cash flow and invest in residential and commercial properties. After an agreed period of time, these companies send dividends depending on the performance of the investments made. You should take proper caution by researching thoroughly before investing with any such website. Some fraudulent persons have taken this opportunity to run scams that are designed to steal investors’ monies. Research into a cmpany’s authenticity will help to protect you from such scams.

You could still own property but hire out the services involved to a manager. Real estate investment can be lucrative and hassle free at a small cost, which will go towards the property manager’s services. In return, all physical, business and legal aspects of your property will be taken care of.

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